The public focus will be a bit different this year, but the music will remain largely unchanged. The “Vendor Area” on the grounds will be a Farmer’s Market, Garage Sale, Flea Market, Historical Demo event.  Musicians will gather in & near the camping area.  All musical “events” will be solely driven by the musicians.  It’s a weekend to gather with your friends, play tunes, sing songs & relax in a stress-free environment.

NO PUBLIC PERFORMANCE STAGE –  There will be an Open Mic / Performance Tent with a small sound system on site.  Groups & individual musicians will not be paid. Sign up on site for a slot if you’d like to perform.  We have no idea how many spectators will be be there!

CAMPING:  Very informal setup, no registration required, small campers & tents camp behind the Farmhouse in the wooded area (lots of shade).  Large RV’s park in the field next to the Farm.  Camping is free, but a donation is appreciated.  It’s “rough” camping, no showers but there is a bathroom with running water in the Bank Building that will be open all weekend.  PortaPotties are setup near the camping area. Here’s a Map.

WORKSHOPS: No scheduled workshops this year, but a Workshop tent will be available, sign up at the tent

GOSPEL SING AROUND 10:30 on Sunday  Everyone is welcome. Bring an instrument, your voice & your favorite Gospel Song; join in, or just come to listen. We’ll sit in a big circle, sing & play your favorite Gospel Songs. 

JAM TENTS will be open all day on Saturday & Sunday. You are invited to bring an instrument & your voice & join in playing or singing, or just come to listen. Music will be Bluegrass, Old Time, Folk, Country, etc. Depending on the musicians who arrive. 

SONG TENT will be available all day Sat & Sunday. This is where acoustic musicians playing Old Time, American Folk, Bluegrass & Country Songs can gather to share a song. So bring your instrument, your voice, your songs & your ears & join the fun at the Song Tent.

INSTRUMENT / SALES / SWAP / REPAIR AREA:   Bring your old instruments for sale, trade, swap.