Down the Road Old-Time String Trio

Down the Road Old-Time String Trio performs early American folk music, also known as “Old-Time.” Instruments featured are fiddle ( Paul Kirk),banjo (Stephen Rapp), and guitar (Bill Braun).

The roots of American folk music are largely forgotten and often ignored, yet its influence is heard in many popular genres, even to this day. Though many of the tunes were brought here by settlers in the early years of the Republic, others were created here on American soil—the truest form of Americana. The tunes were named after and inspired by many things including prominent figures (Booth Shot Lincoln, Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine), places (Cumberland Gap,White Creek), everyday things (The Old Hen She Cackled,Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes), and even humorous or fanciful thoughts (Jake’s Got the Bellyache, Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough). Rich in history and tradition, this toe-tapping music has stood the test of time by being passed on aurally (played by ear) rather than visually (written down). Down the Road Old-Time Trio keeps this tradition aliveand enjoys sharing it with audiences of all ages.